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"We believe Open Discovery Space will play a key role in supporting the take-up and use of eLearning resources in schools and create new communities of practices in eLearning. Europe's schools need to urgently take up digital technologies so that our children can develop the essential skills they need to learn, work, interact and to play a full part in 21st century society. ODS comes at the right time to showcase and raise awareness of the benefits of eLearning ."  Khalil Rouhana, Director, European Commission.

Open Discovery Space & The Challenges of Modernising Education in Europe 

Open Discovery Space addresses the challenge of modernising school education by engaging teachers, students, parents and policymakers in a first of its kind effort to create a pan-European eLearning environment to promote more flexible and creative ways of learning by improving the way educational content is produced, accessed and used.


Open Discovery Space advances the key goals of the Digital Agenda for Europe - Action 68 by:

  • Creating an atmosphere conducive to the use of ICT in teaching and learning.
  • Encouraging the co-production and use of eLearning resources by teachers, students and school communities.
  • Supporting the development of user-friendly ICT enabled teaching and learning tools.
  • Ensuring that publicly funded educational material is freely available.
  • Genereting opportunities for sharing educational resources across European languages and cultures.

Check out our latest Headmaster Brochure prepared especially to support educational leaders in initiating and maintaining technology reach innovation in Europen schools. 

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