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ODS Policy Conference - Registration Open! 


Registration is open for the ODS Policy Conference: "Open Innovation in Schools: Bringing Policy into Practice" Click here to register today!

When? Monday, 11 May 2015 from 12:00pm to 5:30pm 

Where? Permanent Representation of the State of North-Rhine Westphalia to the European Union, 47 Rue Montoyer, 1000 Brussels, Belgium



Votes are open until midnight 1 May 2015

The Pan-European stage of the ODS Contest 2014-2015 has started on the 1st of April. The National Winners from fourteen European countries keep the level of competition ultimately high, as the learning scenarios are assessed both by the National Winners themselves and the greater public.

On behalf of the ODS Contest organisers we kindly ask and encourage students, peers, co-workers and the whole educational community to check all the learning scenarios and vote for the one they think is best. To be able to vote you won't need to register, just use your personal Facebook account.

2015 ODS Contest 


Following the success of its 2014 edition, the ODS Consortium has recently launched the 2015 Open Discovery Space Contests. The event consists of two parts: a National Contest, at the end of which all national winners will be awarded a seat at the 2015 ODS Summer School, and an International Contest, where two ultimate winners will be selected from the national contestants - one by an international jury of experts and one by popularity vote of fellow teachers.

The Open Discovery Space Contest is targeting teachers all around Europe. To participate, teachers will have to create and submit an innovative teaching scenario through the ODS Community Website before the 31st of December. Those teachers who are not yet familiar with ODS can find helpful resources on the project portal, such as why and how to use the Training Academies and the ODS Toolbox and guidelines how to share educational resources. We have also gathered a couple of great examples of lesson plans and scenarios that are available for free at the ODS portal.To access full description and further details on each method just click at the links below and you will be redirected to the ODS Community Resources pages!

  1. Collaborative learning
  2. Design-based learning
  3. Game-based learning
  4. Mobile learning - Picture that!
  5. Learning Vocabulary

With questions or enquiries please contact the:contact_ods[at]intrasoft-intl.com. You can also visit Contact Us page to find contact details for National Coordinators. Looking forward to hearing from You!

The ODS Contest proudly announces the Winners of the Year 2014

  • 1st Winner: Katarina Veljkovic, “Team for the 21st century”
  • 2nd Winner: Slađana Trajković, “Logarithms are not difficult”
  • 3rd Winners:
    • a. Chiotelis Ioannis, “Hunting neutrinos”
    • b. Danilo Borovnica, “Flipped polygon”

All winners are invited teachers of the Open Discovery International Space Summer Academy in Attica (Greece) from 13 – 18 July 2014. Meet the winners here.


Great success for ODS at the 2014 EDEN Conference!


Great showcase for OpenDiscoverySpace at the 2014 edition of internationally renowned EDEN conference organised in Zagreb form the 10th to the 13th of June!

 This year’s them was ‘From Education to Employment and Meaningful Work with ICTs’, as Learning Analytics promise a huge opportunity for teachers and policy makers to discover new tools and techniques to use data effectively, to bring real changes into teaching and learning, and to transform the accountability, efficiency and relevance of school education.

 The Synergy Session on the morning of the 11th was a great success! A large majority of the audience was familiar with OpenDiscoverySpace and it was even mentioned by some of the other presenters! Among the ODS-neophyte audience, the presenting ODS partners have felt great interest and appreciation for the project goals and achievements so far.

 Finally, the Friday morning workshop chaired by Brunel University partner Lampros Stergioulas addressed different aspects of the use of Learning Analytics in education. The workshop was a fantastic opportunity for ODS partners to discuss and exchange with an audience of 30+ people from primary, secondary and higher education institutions.

In addition to validation and recommendations for the use of Learning Analytics in the ODS portal, the workshop tackled issues such as needs, expectations and potential benefits from Learning Analytics, new methods of learning, the identification of barriers and challenges or the use of Learning Analytics in Impact Assessment.

Such fruitful discussions led to the underlining of further common actions and initiatives to be taken as a community or as groups of interest in the field of Learning Analytics.

On the whole a very busy schedule and very interesting discussions to lead OpenDiscoverySpace further!


ODS @ OCWC Global Conference



Partner Christian Stracke will be presenting OpenDiscoverySpace today at the OpenCourseWare Consortium Global Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Great opportunity for ODS to showcase project results and achievements!

The OCW Consortium Global Conference annually gathers researchers, policy-makers, practitioners and educators to discuss benefits of Open Education and impact of ICT innovation on Global Education.

For more information, click here!

Be part of the Eratosthenes experiment!



 “Eratosthenes' measurement of the Earth's Circumference" is an activity that engages ODS schools in international cooperation. Students from schools across the world measure the Earth’s circumference by performing the experiment of Eratosthenes, originally carried out in the 3rd century B.C. 

Over 120 schools have already registered to participate to this year's event! At their respective noontimes on the equinox day - 21st of March - the students will measure the length of shadows cast by sticks, then consult the observations made by others at the same latitude. By sharing this data, invoking the properties of right triangles and applying proportional reasoning to angular distances, the students will obtain a good measurement of our planet's size.

 What do you need to do?

  • Register by completing the name, longitude and latitude of your school.
  • Find a registered school at the same longitude with you.
  • Join efforts with the matching school and record your data.
  • Calculate the circumference of the Earth.

This year the experiment will take place on the 21st of March, on the equinox day. Thus, for your matchup –if no other schools can be found on the same longitude - you can consider the existence of a virtual school on the equator with experimental data 0 (shade of a one-meter stick measured at a certain time). This way you can also have an accurate outcome by conducting the experiment by yourself.

Join today and let your school be part of an exciting international activity! For more information, please visit the website: http://eratosthenes.ea.gr/en 

The Eratosthenes Experiment is organized in the framework of the European Commission's Open Discovery Space project.

2013. Students measuring the Earth circumference 


ODS Contest: "Let's move teaching process to the limelight!" 

 WHATA contest for teachers to create a learning scenario. You can submit your own scenario to http://www.ods-contests.eu/

WHOTeachers from all over Europe.

WHENThe contest closes on April 10th, 2014

WHYThe ODS Contest is a chance for teachers interested in innovative educational methods and tools to create a learning scenario that will be selected (voted for) by their co-contestants!

The three winners will be nominated as “ODS Teachers of 2014”, experiencing the publicity related to this nomination. Also, the three winners will be distinguished participants of the ODS summer school in Athens, (July 2014), with all related expenses covered!

HOW: Teachers wishing to participate have to be a registered ODS teacher. The school where he/she is teaching needs also to be a registered ODS school. Similarly, the Learning Scenario has to be created through the usage of the ODS authoring tools.

The entry (Learning Scenario) must be digital and uploaded onto the website.

For more information and rules of participation please access http://www.ods-contests.eu/ 



What is Open Discovery Space?



OpenDiscoverySpace: Unique Resources just a click away!


If we want a powerful innovative culture in schools which is self-sustaining we have to empower system-aware practitioners, working ever more closely with the service users, to create it. And to avoid simply creating interesting but isolated experiments, we have to design in collaborative ways of learning and enquiry between professionals – a “pull” rather than “push” approach. To this end, many different organisations with high quality and unique expertise in their field have decided to join forces in a European effort to propose a scientifically grounded, technological sustainable and organisationally disruptive service for the modernization of school pedagogy that will give to all parties involved in schooling a motivation for change.


This is our Open Discovery Space, Join a Community for Teachers by Teachers!