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Welcome to the Section of the Open Discovery Space Affiliated Partners!

As Open Discovery Space offers a platform that is designed for practitioners, your particular requirements need to be taken into consideration in order to be successful. For us, the ODS Affiliated Partnerships provide one opportunity to generally get in direct contact with the community, involve the future users into the development at an early point of time, and receive feedback and recommendations for improvement. The partnership as an ODS Affiliated Partner can include many advantages for practitioners, schools, policy makers, as well as network- and media partners, such as,

  • receiving first-hand information on the project’s progress and novelties,

  • being informed about upcoming events, such as conferences, webinars, and summer schools,

  • getting access to development versions of the ODS platform,

  • having access to and participate in the ODS Pilot Trials,

  • receiving support directly from the ODS consortium team,

  • influencing the development of the platform, its’ features, and tools by communicating individual requirements and providing feedback,

  • discussing own experiences and challenges with other ODS Affiliated Partners and the ODS consortium team,

  • multiplying own dissemination channels,

  • having the opportunity to share learning repositories and educational resources, and

  • massively enhancing the own learning repository’s customer base.

For the diverse purposes of potential affiliated partners, we offer different types of ODS Affiliated Partnerships, whereas all are free of charge. However, while every ODS Community Partner simply can self-register for the partnership, for some types of partnerships, agreements that particularly adjust issues like intellectual property rights and/or obligations are strongly to be recommended. For entering any type of affiliated partnership, we generally recommend to start registering as an ODS Community Partner and “upgrade” from this point. However, it is possible to directly contact the ODS consortium (for this purpose, please use the Contact Button on the ODS website)

To receive more information about the different types of ODS Affiliated Partnerships, click here: