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If you are a teacher who is interested at using or adapting existing eLearning resources (or perhaps even creating and sharing your own), you are at the right place!

Open Discovery Space knows that a key part of planning engaging lessons is access to high-quality, trustworthy teaching materials. The platform empowers you through:

  1. Access to Resources: Teachers can find resources, lessons plans and exercises to support you in planning your activities.
  2. Access to Support: Teachers can join a lively online community of your peers where you can exchange advice, share best practices and connect with teachers in other countries.
  3. Access to Training: Teachers can join in a wide range of training activities including courses in the use of eLearning resources, online collaboration with students/ parents and ways to develop innovative new teaching materials.

Check out our latest Headmaster Brochure prepared especially to support educational leaders in initiating and maintaining technology reach innovation in Europen schools. 

Events calendar

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