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Supporting Parents - Open Discovery Space in a nutshell

The Open Discovery Space approach to school education and school development recognises the important impact of students’ families on successful education. ODS sets out to empower parents, guardians and carers by providing them with:

  • Resources such as support materials, examples of good practice and approches to support students learning at home. Parents and guardians can choose resources which support their child’s coursework or revision. Parents and guardians can also browse and select material which fires and inspires their child's interest in a particular subject, supporting a student’s personalised ‘learning pathways’.
  • Social networking tools such as discussion forums that enable parents and schools to directly discuss education.
  • The e-Parents Training programme, designed for parents who wish to get a hands-on understanding of eLearning and work with e-Content to support their children. The programme is designed to inspire parents to become promoters and evangelists in the uptake, sharing and reuse of digital resources in schools.

The materials ODS is offering draws on extensive research by experts to present parents with a full range of options to support your child's education at home ODS materials offer parents practical ideas, tools and information to help them make homework and learning part of their family routine.

Some examples of what you can find include:

Overcoming 10 common barriers to parental engagement

Supporting Parental Engagement in Learning (DCSF-00307-2010) 

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