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Open Discovery Space is also for Content Providers!

Open Discovery Space is a pioneering European Commission platform that connects teachers and learners across Europe with the rich array of digital learning resources currently available in online collections.  Open Discovery Space is always looking to expand the range of content we offer and for our affiliated content providers enjoy a wide range of benefits from offering their collections through the platform. Open Discovery Space offers content owners and data providers a unique opportunity to take your material directly into thousands of European classrooms. In addition to the benefits of exposing your data to such a broad European audience, Open Discovery Space offers a host of additional features for you and your content collection:

  • Open Discovery Space enhances your presence globally by making you a partner in the growing Open Education community
  • Open Discovery Space enriches your resources with additional metadata, user generated social data and resource analytics. 
  • Open Discovery Space uses your resources as building blocks to construct educational scenarios which instantly introduce your collection to the lesson plans of teachers across Europe.
  • Open Discovery Space gives you access to a range of metrics and analytics which give you a complete picture of where, when and how your content is being used.
  • Open Discovery Space gives users the chance to click-thru to your online presence directly from your collection

Are You an eLearning “Content Provider”? Open Discovery Space Needs You !

Are you an eLearning content provider ? Are you an eLearning technology provider ? Would you like to collaborate with ODS ?

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How to become an Open Discovery Space (ODS) “Content Provider” 

Joining Open Discovery Space as a content provider couldn’t be easier. Simply click on the link below and complete our short form and you are on your way to reaching new audiences across Europe!

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