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Let Us Share The Music” - Final Event, April 23, 12.00 CET

This collaborative school activity has developed a multiple-site-link educational scenario in which all pupils and teachers from remote schools collaborate with each other in order to create and perform a shared music web event. Through this process they also explore and exchange cultural elements, aiming to raise pupils’ intercultural awareness. Numerous digital resources are used and different supportive tools are implemented for the ralisation of this activity. Here is the website that has been developed to support the activity http://dma.ea.gr/el/node/84

The students of the participating schools will perform on the 23rd of April, at 12.00 CET. The event will last 50minutes.

In the framework of the current implementation 4 rural schools are taking part, the primary school of Gavdos, a small island south of Crete, the primary school of Pyles, at Karpathos Island, the primary school of Kastelorizo, East of Rhodes, and a primary school from Cyprus. The primary school of Karpathos is a multigrade school (12 students and 1 teacher) located at the small village of Pyles at Karpathos Island. It is considered though as one of the most innovative schools in Greece. This is the web site of the school (in Greek) http://dim-pylon.dod.sch.gr/which was one of the first schools of the TILEMACHOS network, the first network of remote schools in Greece (back in 1995) and one of the core nodes of the Greek Rural Wings School Network (in 2006, www.ruralwings-project.net).

Here is a detailed description of the scenario http://connect.ea.gr/dmascenario1/

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