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Welcome to the Open Discovery Space Friends Page. Below you will find a list of projects, initiatives and activities that are helping Open Discovery Space revolutionise eLearning for Europe.

Sharing scientific and scholarly research related to agriculture, food and environmentSharing scientific and scholarly research related to agriculture, food and environment

Project Logo Description

Developing courses and modules using collaborative art making to facilitate social inclusion, removal of prejudice and discrimination and to foster European citizenship

DigiSkills Creating a network for the enhancement of digital competence skills

ENTREDU Supporting educators in the development of pedagogies, concepts and cross-curricula for entrepreneurship education through an online platform

Fiesta Facilitating children with special needs and families during school transitions and transitions to mainstream environments


Supporting educators in the development of innovative pedagogical framework and new learning pathways 

Go-Lab Opening up remote and virtual science laboratories for the large-scale use in school education
Hands-on ICT

Aiming at empowering educators as designers in order to facilitate the inclusion of ICT tools in education


Inspiring Science Education

Providing digital resources and opportunities for teachers to help them make science education more attractive and relevant to students’ lives


Providing a platform for interactive and participative math communication 


Aiming to integrate communities working on LA and EDM from schools, workplace and universitiesby sharing effective solutions to real problems

La Fabulerie

Promoting the culture of inventiveness, it regularly accompanies large and small companies and associations through workshops, training sessions and creative dishes

La main à la pâte Foundation

Identifying, analyzing and evaluating digital resources used by non-specialist teachers facing the education of students with disabilities 

LeHo Using ICT for successfully delivering teaching to children at home and in the hospital, training teachers

Natural Europe Harvesting the potential of digital content of National History Museums from across Europe

Odina13 Giving laptop computers to students in grades 4, which allows the college students to continue to appropriate computer skills, beyond the "college years" by arranging a personal computer throughout schooling of the student

Open Education Europa Offering access to all existing European Open Educational Resources in different languages
Objectif science international Associate digital resources, international scientists and students and teachers as part of internships or training. The interesting point is the international dimension

TEL-Map Enabling innovation for new forms of learning
TRANSIt Aiming at the development of students’ key competencies through building teachers capacity on competence-oriented education

Virtual Open Access Agriculture & Aquaculture Repository Sharing scientific and scholarly research related to agriculture, food and environment